Thursday, June 18, 2009


Hi guys! Haven't posted in a while but whatev. Lately I've been getting obsessed with fun things like makeup and nails! Ok well I've been watching videos on youtube about them. Lol. The other day i went to sallys and bought a makeup brush, which I love! It's much easier. And I bought some things for my nails! Some little nail polishes with real thin brushes so I can make designs, and some little sparkly stars and even little dried flowers I can put on my nails! So I'm gonna post a picture of my VERY first attempt at doing my own design on my nails! :D didn't turn out too bad imo :DSorry for the terrible camera phone pics! :D

Monday, May 18, 2009


Sorry I havent posted in a million years. I've been sick since Wednesday and I just feel like a giant pile of crap. Me and Beau have been miserable with the flu for a while. I hope we get better soon! :D So I just havent been feeling like doing anything. And of course nothing exciting has really happened. We did go to Denver to visit Beau's best friend, and found out that not only is Charlie terrified of tulips, he also fears small children. Beau's friend Jareds son is about a year old, and would crawl around chasing charlie all over the house. Charlie would just run and run, but lil Boston would just keep chasing. Oh well at least it kept them both entertained! :D Oh and Charlie is a great driver.

Friday, April 24, 2009


YAY! I'm so so so SO happy it's finally spring! It seems like winter lasted forever this year. There were little teases of spring but then it would randomly snow and completely depress me lol. But now it's here to stay! Or it better be or I will become insane. Aaaanyways... I decided to take a springy picture of my blogAnd this is a beautiful picture of a tree that I took outside my apartments on the way to work! I also tried to take a cute pic of charlie smelling a flower but noo......charlie had to be deathly afraid of the flower! HAHA So I know I look fugly in this pic but this is the cute pic I got of charlie and a flower
Ha! He is so afraid. Lol. But that's about all I wanted to say....I'm just soooo glad it's springy!

Sunday, April 19, 2009


I have been getting recipes off my mommys blog Chubba Girl, and I made some yummy foods! This is the delicious Hamburger Soup. I really loved it but my carrots werent soft enough so next time I think it would be delish if i put it in a crock pot!!!
Yummy Yummy!!! I also made the chicken enchiladas, but I added twice the Jalapenos cuz Beau loves his spicy! They really were delicious. Mmmmm. . . .
Before the baking.......^
After.....In this pic an enchilada is missing cuz we couldnt wait to scarf them up!! :D Thank you mom for the recipes!


EVERYBODY needs to take a moment out of their day to watch this video. It is SO AWESOME! HILARIOUS!

This kid is gonna be a famous dancer someday he is really good! :D
Gotta love the lil booty slap! HA!

Thursday, April 16, 2009


So we didn't get a chance to dye eggs before Easter, And Marissa didn't dye any at all, so we decided to have a late night dye party! we made bean dip and guacamole and chicken, and dyed the most awesome eggs ever! some tye dye, some glittery, and some shiny and marbled-like. They have some pretty cool kits at wal-mart that were lots of fun! We were up way late but it was so worth it. Here are some awesome pics!

This is what I call, Beau's Abstract Egg! Its pretty awesome.

And this is my Earth egg. Its my favorite! I'd have to say....I'm an eggy artist! hahaha

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Charlie Brown

Ok so last Tuesday Charlie was totally normal. Running around crazy as usual, and then all the sudden he was all wobbly and couldn't stand up. He seemed really tired and couldn't hold his head up without looking like a little bobble head. So I'm freaking out...trying to play with him and he won't move. Just lays down and puts his lil nose in the floor. I call Beau all hysterical and make him come home from work so we can take charlie to the vet. We get there, and the vet says he probably has low blood sugar. So they give us this vitamin supplement thingy and they also gave him an IV and he got this big ol' bubble of water under his skin on his back so it looked like he had a hunchback :( but it made him feel so much better he was back to normal by the time we got home! The next day he got all wobbly again, even with his medicine, but ever since then he's been pretty good! My poor little baby just has a case of doggy diabetes or something :( he is just so tiny he metabolizes his sugars too fast or something. I wonder if we'll have to give him medicine twice a day FOREVER!! I sure hope not! But fortunately Charlie has been feeling great. Hopefully he gets over it!